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    Refund & Cancellation Policy


    i. Service Provider: The person who is giving specified services in exchange for a payment.

    ii. Service Receiver: Service receiver is a person who receives or avails the services provided by the service provider.

    Cancellation Policy

    Cancellations will be considered only if the request is made within 24 hours after placing the order. Cancellations after 24 hours would not be allowed. Refund would be initiated once the request for cancellation has been placed through support mail (support@ayventures.in).

    Eligibility Requirements for Refund

    The Service receiver will be eligible to claim refund only after a thorough assessment of the service in question was made by the Service Provider or the same is stated in the duly executed documents such as Agreement, Undertaking, or any such other documents signed by both Service Provider and Service Receiver depending on the circumstances.

    Types of Refunds

    Refund will include such amount as mentioned in the duly executed documents or any such amount mutually agreed between the Service Provider and Service Receiver.

    Refund Timeframe

    The Refund will be received within 30 working days after receipt of all the documents, details and information required by the Service Provider to complete the process and initiate the transfer.

    Refund Process

    An e-mail will be sent from Comunev Private Limited stating the details of the terms in compliance with which the refund will be processed along with the reason and amount of the Refund.

    The Service Receiver will need to Accept and Acknowledge the same in respect to the mail itself. The Service Receiver will need to provide Bank Account details such as the account number and the IFSC code of the branch in question in which the amount of refund is required to be transferred by the Service Provider.

    After the receipt of required details, the process of refund will be initiated and the amount will be received by the Service Receiver within the time frame mentioned above (i.e., within 45 working days after receipt of all the documents, details, and information).

    Grievance Resolution

    In case of any query or clarity required by the Service Receiver, the Company or authorized representative of the Company can mail on support@ayventures.in through their mail id provided to us for service-related communications stating the details such as Name of the Company, Service availed, Query, Name, and contact of the person connected with us on the project.

    Contact Us

    If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, You can contact us:

    Email Us at: support@ayventures.in


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