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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Get answers to all your questions transparently. No hidden terms, no tricks, just simple investing.

    For Founders | FAQ

    Does AY Ventures charge any upfront fees?

    How many startups/companies has AY Ventures secured funding for?

    I filled AY Ventures form, but haven’t received any callback

    How many active investors does AY Ventures have?

    If I run a pre-revenue stage startup, how soon can AY Ventures raise funding for me?

    How many startups got incubated through AY Ventures till now?

    Does AY Ventures help in preparing pitch deck and financials for startups?

    Does AY Ventures also help with CA Services?

    Who are the founders of AY Ventures?

    Who is AY Ventures? What does AY Ventures do?

    How many employees does AY Ventures have?

    When did AY Ventures start? What is its founding date?

    How does AY Ventures make money?

    What type of investors does AY Ventures have?

    Does AY Ventures invest in startups?

    Do you have any WhatsApp community?

    Does AY Ventures have any social media presence?

    Does AY Ventures help startups in tech support?

    Does AY Ventures help in mergers & acquisitions?

    I want to talk to the founder directly to understand the services, can you arrange a meeting with them?

    What is the process of raising funds through AY Ventures?

    What is your minimum and maximum ticket size for investments through AY Ventures?

    How many investors meetings/connections will you arrange for me every month?

    What is the timeline to raise funds through AY Ventures?

    How much success fees do you charge?

    What are your services apart from Fundraising?

    Does AY Ventures also provide mentorship support?

    What is your timeline to complete the pitch deck and financial modelling?

    Do you also provide a signed valuation report?

    Do you have any offers on your prices?

    How much do I need to pay upfront?

    What's the next step after I pay the advance amount?

    Do you sign an NDA before onboarding a startup?

    Can we sign a mandate before we get started with AY Ventures?

    We are a pre-revenue stage company who have just launched our MVP, will you be able to help us?

    I noticed that your company doesn't charge any upfront fees. Is it true?

    I have an idea but I don't know how to execute it. How can AY Ventures help me?

    What sectors does AY Ventures focus on?

    This is my first round. How much should I dilute?

    Does AY Ventures also help in debt funding? What would be the interest rate?

    What documents do I need to submit for debt funding?

    What is AY Ventures Incubation support?

    How can I raise grants through AY Ventures? What is the process for getting grants?

    How many Incubation centres are you connected with?

    My company is registered outside India, can I still get Incubation support?

    Can you give me some references of startups that have raised funds through AY Ventures?

    How to attend AY Startup Networking Events?

    At what stage should I raise funds for my startup?

    If I don't get funding through AY Ventures, can I get a refund?

    What happens in AY events?

    How to partner with AY Ventures?

    Do you also help in hiring?

    How many debt partners do you have?


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